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How Much Does It Cost to Paint A House

What I’m giving here is good idea on how much does it cost to paint a house, so take a good look and see a lot will depend on the condition of the home and want you think will work for you price wise I hope also this will help you.


How Much Does It Cost To Paint your House?

   What are the average costs of painting a home?

Interior paint jobs usually cost between $400 and $5,000.

Exterior paint jobs usually cost between $2,400-$8,700.

Now, to break down the cost of painting a house… Costs are based on the assumption that walls and ceiling are in “pretty good” condition and only need minor hole filling and caulking before painting. No large drywall/plaster patching, texture or sanding needed.

Interior Painting

Before we begin, the two big questions that determine cost are:

  1.  How many rooms are getting painted?
  2.  What condition are the walls and trim in?

Bedrooms: $275-$575.

Hallways: $150 to $430

Stairwells: $225-$550

Bathrooms: $250-$475

Kitchens: $175-$375

Closets: $100-$360

Extras: In addition to totals above

  • Add $150-$265 for wallpaper removal per room.
  • Add $65-$240 for lead-safe preparation per room .
  • Add $50-100 per window sash or door.
  • Add $75-200 for all trim/base/frames per room.
  • Add $40-$60 per hour for additional painting or preparation needed by painting contractor.


Exterior Painting

*The typical exterior will need two top coats of a latex paint.

Three house features that will dramatically change the cost of painting your home’s exterior:

  1. Size and height: How large is your home? How high are the tallest features of your home?
  2. Siding material: What is the the siding made of? What condition is it in?
  3. Details: What features does your home have? Is it ornament? How many colors?

Size and height of house

Standard Prices for an exterior repaint  (little prep, one or two top coats)

  • One story ranch home: $2,000-$3,300 (800-1,600 sqft.)
  • Two story/ two flat: $3,000-$5,800 (1,500-4,000 sqft.)
  • Three story/ three flat: $5,000-$7,500 (3,600-6,000 sqft.)